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 Library and registration options

 The Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava is located in the centre of Ostrava on the ground floor of both wings of the New Town Hall on Prokešovo náměstí. You can reach us by trolleybus No. 101, 102, 103, and 106 - stop Nová radnice or by tram No. 1, 2, 8, 9, 11 - stop Důl Jindřich, then walk down the street 30. dubna in direction to Nová radnice (cca 10 minutes’ walk). More information
 See Opening hours, including extraordinary times.
For the registration it is required to present an ID card. The fee is either annual (200 CZK) or half-year (100 CZK). Seniors over 70 and disabled people do not pay the registration fee. More detailed information on registration can be found in the Library Regulations (e.g. registration of foreigners or legal entities).
 However, the registration of children under the age of 15 requires the presence of a legal representative, who presents an identity card and reports his / her permanent residence.
It is intended for readers who have not been registered in MSVK yet. Thanks to pre-registration you can order the requested documents immediately. Full registration must be completed when picking up the ordered loans.
Internet access is also possible for unregistered users. However, public Internet access is limited to 30 minutes.

Online catalogue

In our library it is necessary to order all documents through the online catalogue. This option is available only after login. When you have found the book you want, click Holdings / Item(s) to order the document. Information about the library item (if borrowed for example) is displayed, then select Request and click OK to accept the order. If the book is borrowed (the Request box is highlighted in orange), you will be placed in the reservation queue for the document.
If another reader is not interested in the book, you can renew the borrowing a total of 11 times.In general, you can borrow a book for up to 1 year.You can extend your loans through our online catalogue. This option is available only after login. In the top menu, select My Account and then Loans, tick the titles you want to renew and select Renew Selected. If the loan period is exceeded, the loan cannot be renewed on-line.
If you do not find the requested document in our library catalogue, you can send a proposal to purchase documents to msvk@svkos.cz or request an interlibrary loan service (ILL). Request for interlibrary loan service can be entered through the library catalogue - option ILL in the top menu. However, this service is paid (50 CZK per document).

Borrowing documents / loans

In total, you can borrow up to 40 documents at a time. Of this number, you can borrow only 4 standards, 3 board games and 6 e-books at a time (3 eReading.cz e-books and 3 Flexibooks e-books).
Lending period varies by document type. Bundled magazines, standards and sound recordings (music CDs, audiobooks) have a loan period of 7 calendar days. Other documents, such as books, are lent for 30 calendar days. The loan period can be extended if there is no other patron's request for the borrowed document. The loan period can be extended if there is no other reader's request for the borrowed document.
If you do not return the documents on time, you will be charged CZK 2 a day for each non-returned document. You also pay the cost of sending reminders (18 CZK per reminder). If the borrowed documents are not returned and the fine is paid even after the third reminder has been sent, the library has the right to recover the receivable through a solicitor.
In the event of a book being lost, this publication should preferably be replaced by the same or more recent edition of the lost title. You will also have to pay a flat fee of 150 CZK. If it is not possible to replace the book with the same title, a monetary compensation is calculated (including a flat-rate compensation of 150 CZK and the price of the book or the price of reprographic works).
If you are not able to pick up the prepared publications within the set deadline (7 calendar days), you can request cancellation of your reservation at pujcovna@svkos.cz. Failure to cancel your reservation will result in a fine 5 CZK for each publication.
Unfortunately, for spatial reasons, the library has part of the collection stored in storage depots in various locations in Ostrava. And these documents are not available until the second business day after ordering (books ordered on Fridays only on Mondays). In the catalogue, the status of the unit is Deposit for these documents.
Off-site loan means borrowing documents home. On-site loan means studying documents only in the library building.

It is not possible to borrow home documents on-site.These are mainly:

  • books published before 1900,
  • books obtained by the so-called legal deposit,
  • journals of the current year (i.e. unbound magazines),
  • audiovisual documents,
  • documents placed in reference libraries.

For these documents, the off-site loan is not allowed due to the protection of documents or legislative restrictions (the need to permanently keep a mandatory copy, copyright law).

At the moment, the library offers lending of e-books in Czech through two platforms - Palmknihy (fiction and non-fiction) and Flexibooks (technical literature). If you are interested only in lending e-books (Palmknihy and Flexibooks) and do not want to use other library services, fill in the pre-registration form (Catalog - Login - Register) and send a registration fee of 100 CZK (registration) to account 8322788001/5500 for half a year) or 200 CZK (registration for 1 year). Enter 3333 as a variable symbol and write your first and last name in the note for the recipient. We will contact you after receiving payment.
We also offer other professional e-books. An overview of all available collections and titles is available here. Some eBooks can only be viewed online, others can be downloaded to your reading devices.
Yes, readers are lent for 14 days compared to a refundable deposit of 1000 CZK. You can borrow e-book readers at the Detartment of Special Collections Department. This service allows you to try out different types and brands of e-readers.
These are audio books published for the needs of the visually impaired, especially audiobooks published by the K.E. Macan Library and Printer for the Blind. According to the Copyright Act, these can only be lent to persons with this disability or other disabilities that make it difficult to read printed books.
For copyright protection, libraries of audio documents (music CDs and audiobooks on a physical medium) can be lent at the earliest 9 months after their release. In addition, audio recordings not released on a physical medium (music and audiobooks for download) cannot be borrowed.
Bound volumes of magazines are loaned for 7 days. Unbound journals are not borrowed home (they are most often bound after a year).

 Did you not find an answer to what you are interested in? Ask the library online via form or send your inquiry to msvk@svkos.cz and we will respond to you the next working day.

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