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Library Collections Characteristics

Library collections were influenced by the specialisation of our library, which was established as the central library for mining and metalurgy in 1951. It also specialised in the hygiene and occupational therapy fields and particular attention was paid to Polish literature as well. In the sixties, our library began constructing universal library holdings. It was supported with the legal deposit privilege - every Czechoslovak publisher had to send a copy of every publication to our library. From 1996 to 2002, the Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava was acquiring the legal deposit only from Moravian and Silesian regions, but we were still trying to have our collection complete. The legal deposit privilege was reduced again in 2002. As far as monographs are concerned, our library has been entitled to obtain only publications published in the Moravian-Silesian Region since then. These publications have to be permanently preserved in the library. Other literature published in the Czech Republic is being bought according to our financial possibilities. Since 2007, the library has been building the special collection for the visually and hearing impaired.

Composition of library holdings:

books (one-shot publications including textbooks, dissertations etc., books in braille), cartographic documents (maps, plans, atlases), music scores (only regional legal deposit), electronic resources (CD-ROMs), CDs, audiobooks, audiovisual documents (documentaries and educational films, DVDs with special subtitles for the hearing-impaired), serials (newspapers, journals, year-books, company journals), Czech technical standards and ISO standards (formerly Czechoslovak standards), patents, language teaching audio CDs (with textbooks).

Countries of origin:

the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia (the Soviet Union), the United States of America, Great Britain, Poland (about 14,000 titles), other European countries, other world countries. Some kinds of documents (such as standards) are only from the Czech Republic.

Figures of documents (numbers of volumes):

books (including habilitation theses and dissertations) - 664,187, cartographic documents (maps, plans, atlases) - 6,818, serials - 158,426, music scores - 523, audio-visual documents - 661, sound documents - 16,525, electronic resources - 3,810, board games - 242, standards - 77,038, patents - 285,389. Altogether, our library collections consist of 1,213,619 physical volumes in 2018.

Author: Monika Oravová
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