Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava
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Right Wing of City Hall


  • registration of new users
  • making out library cards
  • making out replacement cards
  • renewal of library cards
  • sale of cards to self-service copiers

Who can be the user of our library?

  • citizens of the Czech Republic over 15 (with an identity card)
  • foreign nationals (with a passport and a residence permit)
  • legal entities (with an identity card of the representative and an application of
  • the corporation)

Library cards:

  • they enable to use all services of our library
  • they are made out for 6 or 12 months (after this term the registration has to be made again)
  • they are non-transferable, loss of them has to be reported immediately (it is possible to make out a replacement card)
  • it is necessary to report all changes of personal data (name, address, etc.)
  • users have to pay the registration fee to be registered


  • books loans
    • Czech and foreign monographic publications
    • university textbooks
    • guide-books to the Czech Republic and other countries
    • encyclopaedias, dictionaries
  • books returns
    • reservations of books that are on loan at present (in person, by phone, by letter)
    • loan renewals (in person, by phone, by letter)
    • written reminders


  • the period of loan is 30 days (the loan can be extended three times if the book is not reserved)


  • loans for in-house use and outside loans of Czech and foreign serials (more than 2.450 titles) - both current and old issues from all fields of study
  • access to extensive ready reference collection - it enables users to obtain basic information about particular disciplines
  • access to ASPI (automated legal information system), there are also printed Collections of Laws (from 1945) in the study room
  • access to Internet (2 computers) - it is possible to reserve it for certain time (in person or by phone)
  • access to electronic catalogue (2 computers)
  • self-service copiers

Basic information about study room:

  • users have to leave their luggage, umbrellas, coats, jackets etc. in the cloakroom, they are also required to present their library card before entering the study room (or pay the single fee if they are not registered)
  • current issues of periodicals are displayed in boxes (in the corridor), others are brought by request


  • if you need a document which our library does not have in its collections, you can use this service. Our library is able to mediate loans from other libraries in the Czech Republic. If the document is not to be found in the Czech Republic, the library can mediate loan also from abroad
  • the library lends its documents to other libraries as well

If our user has not found required document in our library collection, he/she has the possibility to order this document from other library (electronically). It is necessary to state details of the document (author, title, place and date of publishing, publisher, volume, number and pages). The user and our library have to comply with all requirements of the library lending the document (period of loan, only in-house use loan etc.). Internal interlibrary loan services are free of charge, users pay only for the postage. International loans are paid.


  • providing basic information about library services for new users
  • giving an explanation of catalogue system and its use
  • possibility of unaided searching in electronic catalogues
  • answering various bibliographic, biographic and factographic questions (Where? When? What? Who? How?) - in person, by phone, by letter, by e-mail
  • selective dissemination of information via lists of new accessions (sent monthly)
  • guided tours to our library for secondary school and university students (including information about library services, catalogues etc.)


  • regular outside loans of separate current issues of specialised foreign journals (except last issue)
  • this service is paid, it starts by virtue of agreement with a particular user (both individual and collective)
  • journals are given back to the library collections after certain period of time and they serve to other users


  • making copies of documents
  • laminating


  • bibliography creation
    • retrospective regional bibliography creation (regions of Ostrava, Karvina) it covers books and articles that have ever been published about particular regions
    • excerption of more than 20 periodicals for national bibliographical database ANL
  • computer and manual bibliographic searches - lists of bibliographic records according to user's needs and requests (topic, languages, origin, period)
  • access to the Czech National Bibliography (books, articles in Czech newspapers, journals and proceedings, dissertations, authority file, periodicals published in the Czech Republic, special documents, foreign Bohemica) - it is free of charge, users pay only for printouts
  • access to ASPI (automated legal information system)
  • access to many other databases (bibliographic or factographic)
  • CD-ROMs
  • possibility to use the special computer for the blind and the weak-sighted

  • Department of Bibliography collects, processes and offers information about information - details telling us what was published and where. Thanks to these bibliographic resources users can be informed about knowledge published not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.
  • The Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava, contributory organisation makes it possible for you to use the special computer for the blind and the weak-sighted which is available in the multimedia study (department of bibliography). This computer was bought by virtue of the grant finances of the Ministry of Culture. You can use it free of charge.
    The computer is able to enlarge and read aloud everything on the screen (included Internet). This is possible due to the special software of ZoomText 8.0.
    Users who would like to use this special software do not have to be afraid of it. The employees of the department of bibliography will offer professional and individual help to them.


Author: Monika Oravová
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