Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava
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What can you find in our library?

The Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava specializes in acquiring and making available professional literature but we can provide also books dealing with your hobbies, arts and sport, non-fiction for children and young people and fiction.

  • Traditional printed literature: books, booklets, textbooks, lecture notes, dictionaries­, guidebooks, picture books, maps, atlases, music scores, periodicals and dailies - all of them both from the Czech Republic and abroad. Czech technical standards and ISO standards, patents.
  • Non-printed documents: music CDs, language teaching audio cassettes and CDs, audiobooks, non-periodical and periodical documents on CD-ROMs.
  • Remote electronic sources: lists of information sources by world-known information companies (database centers) from all fields of knowledge (often including full texts).
  • Free access to Internet, union catalogues of Czech and foreign libraries, special information portals.
  • A lot of other services you may not know: we mediate loans from other libraries from all over the world, make lists of information sources on various topics, scan, copy, educate, inform and inform…

You can find more information at our web site and, of course, in our library.


Author: Monika Oravová
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