Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava
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Guide to the Library

Basic Information
During its opening hours, our library offers services in three buildings: in the right wing of the New Ostrava Town Hall (book and magazines loans, study, internet station, library's info services, etc.), in the left wing (special collections loans and study room) and in Prokešovo nám. 2 (department of services to libraries). …
Right Wing of City Hall
Users' registration Lending room Study room and magazine loans Interlibrary loan service Reference service Routing of Journals Reprography Bibliography USERS' REGISTRATION ( registration of new users making out library cards making out replacement cards renewal of library cards sale of cards to self-service copiers Who can be the user of our library? …
Left Wing of City Hall
COLLECTION FOR THE VISUALLY AND HEARING IMPAIRED - you can find more information here STANDARDS - LOANS FOR IN-HOUSE USE AND OUTSIDE LOANS complete collection of valid Czech technical standards (formerly Czechoslovak standards), which is continuously completed and updated; invalid standards have been preserved since 2001 the standards can be found at the web site of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing ( period of loan: 1 week …
Prokešovo náměstí 2
DEPARTMENT OF SERVICES TO OTHER LIBRARIES ( professional consultations in all fields of library activities performance of regional functions - see the Library Act (No. 257/2001 Coll., article 11) educational courses and training for librarians and employees of information centres collections of literature dealing with libraries and librarianship - for librarians, employees of information centres and students access to statistical data referring …

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