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Cooperation between our library and Goethe-Institut started in 2001 when the Moravian-Silesian Research Library became a partner library of Goethe-Institut. On the basis of this partnership and because of support of Germany, our library regularly obtains German documents - mainly language textbooks, encyclopaedias, books dealing with Germany and its culture, history and present or with Czech-German relations.

Books obtained from Goethe-Institut are available in the study of German literature which is situated behind the big study room (the Department of Services to Users), textbooks and language teaching audio cassettes are at users' disposal in the Department of Special Collections.

In return, the Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava, contributory organization supports cultural and educational activities of Goethe-Institut and promotes them in our region.

Goethe-Institut in Prague

Goethe-Institut in Prague is the regional institute for Central and Eastern Europe, it coordinates activities of institutes in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Goethe-Institut in Prague cooperates with other organizations and institutions in the Czech Republic. It especially concerns libraries - Moravian Library in Brno (Deutsche Lesesaal/German Library), Research Library in Olomouc, Educational and Research Library in Plzen. There are also two partner libraries of Goethe-Institut in the Czech Republic - Research Library in Liberec and Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava, contributory organisation.

For more information on Goethe-Institut in Prague and its programmes in the Czech Republic, see this website:


Goethe-Institut is the largest organization promoting German culture and language abroad. It runs 149 cultural institutes in 92 countries. These institutes organize cultural programmes and German language courses, support teachers, universities and offices and help them to provide language teaching. They also offer up-to-date information about Germany. After passing special language exams of Goethe-Institut, you can obtain highly-regarded certificates of qualification acknowledged worldwide.

For more information on Goethe Institut and up-to-date articles dealing with political and cultural events, society, science and education in Germany, go to the following website:

Author: Blanka Vojtková
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